Friday, May 28, 2010

The Stroke Awareness Picnic

Wow, there are two pictures of Brian speaking at the Stroke Awareness Picnic.
He was amazing! Go to their website at and pull up picnic pictures.
I was just sent this photo from ocsrn.
Brian was a pro!


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  2. Jan and Brian, the blog looks great and Brian looks so authoritative. I look forward to following the blog as you move forward to spread your words of inspiration: inside of the book, about the book, and through public venues as this. It is all very exciting. Keep on Truckin, Toni Burkin

  3. Jan and Brian,"Navigating through the fog" is an emotionally, spiritually Book and packed with help from our mighty "GOD" and the help and support of Family and Friends!You have overcome a terrible Roller Coaster ride and you can share all these wonderful,exciting stories of a true Stroke Survivor,our Miracle Man......Brian,with many people!!Keep up the good work.God bless you always.Johanna